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Experience Bullfighting

Going to your first bullfight

A guide for people going to their first bullfight.

To find out what to expect, which type of ticket to get and other information click here.

Where to see a bullfight

A list of some of the most important bullrings in the world.

To see where you might be able to see a bullfight click here.

Which Matadors to see

We profile some of the current stars of the bullfighting world.

To see which Matadors we recommend for a good first time viewing experience click here.

International Clubs

Interested in getting in touch with people that speak your language and are interested in bullfighting?

To see a list of international taurine clubs click here.

Books & Movies

Interested in learning more about bullfighting, delving deeper or seeing what movies were made on the subject?

 To see a list of related books and movies click here.


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