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International Clubs

While bullfighting is rarely held outside of the Hispanic world and France, it has attracted a world-wide following. Most international clubs are organized similar to opera circles, with outings to events and regular discussions or seminars on topics to do with the matter at hand. For people interested in getting more involved or planning to attend their first Corrida, getting in touch with a Club can be a rewarding experience, as they are a way to get more familiar with the subject in a language other than Spanish (or French).

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Club Taurino of London

The CTL was founded in 1959, by George Erik, a graphic designer closely involved with the bullfighting world. More than half a century later, the Club still meets on the second Thursday of every month. Visitors and guests are welcome. The meetings typically include a DVD of corridas of interest or talks on a specific topic or a visit from a notable person from the taurine world in Spain or France.

The Club organises an annual lunch in November, onthe anniversary of its foundation, an occasion which usually features notable figures from the bullfighting world as their guests. The CTL also occasionally a organizes visits to bull breeding ranches. In addition the club publishes a bi-monthly much respected English language bullfighting magazine called "La Divisa". With over 350 international members the CTL is one of the larger bullfighting organizations outside of the taurine world.


Pena Taurine de Bruxelles: La Belgicana


Pena Taurina Los Suecos


Club Taurino Milano


Club Taurin de Paris


NEW YORK            CHICAGO            LOS ANGELES

New York

New York City Club Taurino

NYCCT was founded with the object of providing and enhancing an appreciation and knowledge of tauromachy through a variety of taurine and related events. NYCCT serves as a resource for those wishing to expand their knowledge of taurine matters and actively seeks to enhance its membership by including people with all levels and types of afición for the toros. NYCCT meets generally the first Thursday of each month and publishes a periodic newsletter. In addition, they are a part of Jornadas Taurinas which sponsors a US lecture tour each year for a well-recognized taurine celebrity, and invites a number of guest speakers from Spain and other taurine countries who may be visiting New York.


Club Taurino of Chicago


The Philadelphia Peña and Taurino Club

Los Angeles

Los Aficionados a Los Toros de Los Angeles

Los Aficionados de Los Angeles was founded in 1949, which makes it "The Oldest Bullfight Club in the United States." The club usually meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. Meetings include a raffle of taurine objects, club business and a special programme, such as appearances by matadors David Silveti, Raquel Martínez, Ricardo Sanchez, Jorge Mora and José Ramón Tirado. There are also presentations by ganaderos, authors, artists, and special guests, and members from the US, Mexico and Europe. For more information please find a link to their website below.


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