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A majority wants bullfighting banned

Bullfighting is campaigned against by aggressive minorities

This is a popular myth corroborated by PETA and other animal rights organizations. They base their claim on various GALLUP polls over the years which in return have then been repeatedly quoted by various media outlets such as The Guardian, CNN, Time Magazine and others.  These polls appearing in publications caught the attention of various journalists, based on the inconsistencies in their numbers over the years, and were subsequently found out to have been conducted by a now bankrupt company which had rights to the name “Gallup”, but  was in no way associated with the renowned US research company of that name, which has never polled on the topic of bullfighting in Spain.

The majority of Spaniards are simply indifferent to bullfighting just like many Americans or British people have no interest in going the opera or theatre: but this does not mean that a majority of the population wants to have the spectacle banned. This is supported by a recent Metroscopia poll in the wake of the Barcelona regional ban.57% of people across Spain were against the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia, even though 60% of those polled said they did not particularly like bullfighting. 37% of Spaniards said they were fans of bullfighting.
For more on this subject we recommend the following article by English author/journalist Alexander Fiske-Harrison: