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General Information About Bullfighting

What is bullfighting?

What is meant by the term bullfighting. Is the running of the bulls the same as a Corrida? Is it really Spain's national sport?

For a basic definition of bullfighting click here.

What happens in a bullfight?

What happens in a Corrida de Toros? What can I expect to see? Do all bullfights follow the same structure?

To learn what happens in a bullfight click here.

The Bullfighter

What is the difference between a matador and a torero? What are the different roles in a bullfight and how do the peformers get paid?

To find out about the men and women in pink socks click here.

The Bull

The true protagonist of the Corrida and king of the bovines. What seperates the fighting bull from a dairy cow and how are they raised?

Does the bull suffer? To find out more click here.


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