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Do bulls really charge at the color red? Are bulls trained before the fight, is bullfighting anything else but a cruel and anachronistic tradition in decline? Aficionados International is an organization dedicated to educating the English reading public about the performance art that is the “Corrida de Toros”.  We also work with English speaking journalists and connect them to the bullfighting industry in order to achieve a more balanced coverage in the media.

What is Bullfighting?

About Bullfighting

What actually happens in a Bullfight? What are the different types of bullfighters? How did Bullfighting develop?

Bullfighting Myths

Myths about bullfighting

Does the really charge at the color red. Are bullfs drugged before they enter the ring? We take on some of the common myths people hold about bullfighting.



We connect English speaking journalists to the bullfighting world. Get in touch.

Experience Bullfighting

See for yourself

Where and when to see a bullfight, how to get tickets, which Matadors to see...We give some tips for a good first experience.


Books & Movies

Learn more

Recommended books and movies about bullfighting for people who want to delve deeper.


The Bull

The Bull

The protagonist of the bullfight...Information on how bulls are raised and selected for the ring.